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Brake Fluid

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Motul 3000 Petroleum 4-Stroke Oil

  • Multi-Grade oil developed for 4-stroke air- and liqued-cooled engines with or with out wet clutches
  • High-temperature / extreme-pressure agents made of the finest zinc, phosphorus and sulfer compounds to withstand high-performance riding and racing
  • Available in 10W40 & 20W50 in 1 quart or 1 gallon sizes
Motul 3000 by Quart
Motul 3000 by Gallon

Motul 5100 Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke Oil

  • Uses new ester synthetic base stock
  • Bonds electrochemically with metals
  • Handles higher loads and running temperatures
  • Provides better pumpability in cold cranking conditions
  • Produces positive clutch response and extended gear life
  • Available in 10W40 & 15W50 in 1 quart or 1 gallon sizes as well as 10W50 in gallons
Motul 5100 by Quart
Motul 5100 by Gallon

Motul E-TECH 100 4-Stroke Oil

  • A combination of esters and polyaphaolifine synthetic base stocks
  • Offers the best of two worlds: high-performance and city-type stop-and-go
  • Designed to work with engines, clutches, gearboxes, internal chains, high lift cams and heavy loads
  • Available in 10W40 (1 quart)

Motul 300V 4-Stroke Oil

  • First synthetic super-multigrade all-season lubricant for 4-stroke motorcycle engines
  • Very high level of lubricity for safety and long life
  • Optimum oil pressure even in the most severe conditions, including racing
  • Available in 5W40 / 10W40 / 15W50 in 1 liter or 1 gallon sizes
Motul 300V by Liter
Motul 300V by Gallon

Motul 600 2T Injector & Premix Oil
  • 100% synthetic oil for all 2-stroke motorcycles
  • Exceeds the highest Japanese standard for a 2-stroke oil: JASO FC
  • Tests show that the ester base improves safety at high pressure and eliminates seizing risk
  • Anti-smoke and anti-deposit formula
  • Available in 12.8oz. / 1 liter / and 1 gallon
600 2T by 12.8oz
600 2T by Liter
600 2T by Gallon


Motul 800 2T 100% Synthetic Premix
  • 100% synthetic ester, the premix of world championship teams
  • Developed on the race track, for professional racing
  • Available by the liter or gallon
Motul 800 2T by Liter
Motul 800 2T by Gallon



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