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Spidi Gloves


MSR $339.95
Spidi Carbo Vent Gloves
  • Layer of Para-Aramide fabric 270 gr. m(2).
  • Cowhide thickness 0.6/0.8mm high resistance to wear and tear.
  • Pierced cowhide for better ventilation.
  • 5mm antishock foam rubber to absorb impacts.
  • Protectors in Carbon Para-Aramide, resined and preformed in knuckles back external side zone of little finger, external part of wrist and inside to protect palm.
  • Cowhide thickness 1.3mm hard wearing carbon stamped.
  • Vents for correct ventilation of glove, in antishock soft rubber on back and fingers.
  • Double tabs for perfect palm fastening.
  • Available in Red/white/black, Black, Black/anth/chrome, & Blue/white/lt. blue

MSR $299.95
Spidi Carbo 1 Gloves
  • Spidi, the leader in roadracing gloves for nearly 20 yewars has created the ultimate in protection. Utilizing kangaroo skin from 0.7 to 1mm thick, layers of 270 gr. M2 Para-Aramide fabric inserts and integrated, thermoformed, Carbon/Para-Aramide fabric inserts and integrated, thermoformed, Carbon/Para-aramide guards and double wrist straps. Carbo 1's are unparalleled in crash protection!
  • Available in Black/red, White/red/black, Blue/white/black, & Black

MSR $169.95
Spidi Tre Composite Gloves
  • Spidi Sports latest technical racing glove, Tre Composite, incorporates several of their exclusive technologies. high shock and abrasion resistant metal net is thermally formed on all fingers and on the back of the knuckles. Pneumatic pads with a polypropylene cover are strategically placed to absorb shocks to the back of the hand. Para-Aramide fabric is used in teh stitching and is placed at the back of the hand as well as teh palm.
  • Available in Black, Blue/black/white, Red/black/white, & Yellow/black/white


MSR $129.95
Spidi Carbo-Sint Gloves
  • New for 2002! Spidi introduces the Carbosint racing glove! Designed with SBK's top riders and world class racing in mind. Featuring soft 0.7mm calfskin for comfort and a Carbon fiber shield for protection. Other features include: rubber protection for the ulna head, elasticized back, finger protection and a secure closing strap at the wrist. there is also an innovative system of diversified reinforcements between the left and right palms that are designed for protection and to facilitate manipulations of the controls.
  • Available in Red/white/black, Blue/white/black, Yellow/silver/black, & Black


 MSR $124.95

Spidi Carbotech Gloves
  • Designed for sport or racing use and having many of the features today's sport and racing rider is looking for! The glove features 0.7mm leather construction, double layer on the palm, Para-Aramide carbon guard resined and preformed to the back of the hand, microfiber inserts for better grip, velcro strap on the wrist, and elastic inserts on the wrist and back of the hand. The Carbotech glove is available in six different color combinations and is one of the hottest gloves on the market.
  • Available in Black, White/navy/red, White/black/green,
    White/black/red, Yellow/black, & Silver/black

MSR $119.95

Spidi Tech Composite Gloves
  • Pre-formed metal net combined with 0.7 to 1.2mm thick leather, Para-Aramide panels and foam padding provide incredible shock and impact protection. Calfskin and microfiber inserts offer the ultimate in palm comfort. Available in three color combinations.
  • Available in Black, Blue/black/silver, Black/red/silve


MSR $99.95
Spidi V-Race Gloves
  • The Spidi V-Race glove is the perfect glove for sport or racing use. the V-Race features quality leather construction, micro-fiber inserts on the palm for increased grip, air ventilation system, and Velcro® Strap closure. The V-Race is available in 5 color combinations to choose from.
  • Available in Anth/yellow/chrome, White/blue/black,
    Black, & Black/chrm



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